Donatella Lorch has been a reporter and correspondent for almost twenty years and has covered wars and conflicts in South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. She has won awards for her reporting in Afghanistan and the Rwands genocide as well as for her coverage of massive refugee migrations that have torn apart falilies and transplanted cultures. in 1987, she was hired by the new york times, she based herself in peshawar, pakinstan, took ,ore thatn a dozen trips into afghnistan. and was the first external image gul_mir.jpg
reporter and only woman journalist to be smuggled into kabul to document the querrilla underground. In the following years, she covered more than a dozen wars, including Operation Desert Storm (Iraq) and the fall of Kabul to the Afghan guerrillas in 1992. As East Africa Bureau Chief for The New York Times, she covered the civil war and famine in Somalia as well as the U.S. and U.N. intervention and pullout. She traveled with the rebels in southern Sudan, reported on the reign of terror of the Lord’s Resistance Army in northern Uganda, and witnessed the massacres in the hills of Burundi, but it was the story of the Rwandan genocide that, she says, has never left her. Her location started off in america and led her to the middle of rwanda. she lived there , living the same life that everyone else did.
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