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World War I
1. Started out as a European conflict that began in Brosnia with the assassination of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary. Soon the German Empire and the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) took sides with them and established the Central powers. The British Empire, Russian Empire, and France along with other nations established the Allied Powers or also known as the Entente powers. In 1917, Russia left the war and the United States entered and joined the Allies.

2. The Central Powers had few of the largest empires at that time. Austria-Hungary was a dual nation who wanted revenge of the killing of their Archduke. The German Empire began to help them by declaring war on nations. The Ottoman Empire (Turkey) joined the Central Powers in 1914. They opposed the Allies, which were the United States, Russia, Great Britian, France and other nations. Before the United States joined the allies in 1917, the European nations and Russia hold the Germans and Austrians back by fighting in trench battles. The allies were describe as the "good guys" and the Central powers were the "bad guys". The United States entered in great timing in 1917 to help defeat the Central powers and dissolve terrible empires in Europe and Asia that plaqued the continents for years. In 1918, with Russia still having an ongoing revolution, the remaining Central powers (Germany, Austria-Hunary, and the Ottoman Empire) dissovled and surrendered. The armistice, which ended World War I was signed on November 1, 1918 and The Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919. Germany suffered the most after World War I.

3. Woodrow Wilson was the president of the United States at the time the USA entered the war in Europe. Him and along with King George V of Great Britian and India were the heroes of World War I. Nicholas II of Russia also helped allied victory for WWI until 1917. Raymond Poincare; President of France, leaders in Canada, and Italy were the heroes as well.

Wilhelm II, who was the Emperor of Germany was the main "bad guy" or villian. He started the war by declaring war on opposing nations. Him and the other 2 Emperors of the Central powers were the villians who were defeated and their empires after World War I, gone.

The 3 Emperors of the Central Powers (Clockwise)
Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, Mehmed V of the Ottoman Empire, Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary

World War I soliders from France and Germany often fought in trenches.